June 15th - August 17th, 2019

Patrons of all ages are invited to participate in the

Summer Reading Program.  There’s a log for pre-

readers to adults.  Everyone in the family can



Children going into Preschool and younger can

pick up a pre-reading log at the library reception

desk, or download a PDF


Grade school readers can pick up a reading log

at the library reception desk, or download a PDF.

Are You Ready to Build a Daily Reading Habit?
It's no secret that the Summer Reading Program

is one of the highlights of the Robert R. Jones

Library year.  So, how could it possibly get any

bigger or better?  Here are a few things you

should know:

​What's New in 2019?
The Robert R. Jones Public Library promotes reading and encourages creative exploration, active skill-building, critical thinking, while instilling a sense of community - all necessary to "Build a Daily Reading Habit," which is
our ultimate goal.

In keeping with this year's goal, the Robert R. Jones Library has put a fun, engaging twist on our reading program.  This year's summer calendar of activities and events offer each attendee a chance to earn a badge for their

Earn Badges throughout the Summer!
The badge system is an educational approach to motivate children to learn with the goal of maximizing enjoyment and engagement through capturing the interest of learners and inspiring them to continue learning.  
















How Does my Learner Earn a Badge?
Every time a summer reading participant registers and attends a library hosted event, they will receive a badge rewarding them for their experience and commemorating what they learned.  Please note: Unregistered attendees are not eligible to receive a badge.  All events can be registered for in advance.

Why Offer Badges?
Young learners will feel good when they receive a badge.  That feeling comes from a sense of achievement.  In addition, this sense of achievement will motivate them further to work towards getting more badges and rewards.  The badges are designed to give young learners public recognition.  Learners will be able to collect and showcase their badges throughout the summer, earning public recognition and acknowledgement for their achievements helping engagement and motivation levels.  Plus, earning badges personalizes the learning experience, making programs more relevant to individual learners while elevating their engagement.

Pick up a Summer Calendar at the library reception desk, or download a PDF.

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