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Explore. Imagine. Create. Learn.


Children of all ages and their grown-ups are welcome to join us during Open Tinker Lab to explore, imagine, create, and learn.

We’ll make available a handful of selected kits and other materials such as robots - Spheros and Ozobots, modular electronic component blocks - like Makey Makey boards, and other favorites like Bloxels.

Continuously inspired by how children of all ages find excitement with experimenting through different art materials and processes. Open Tinker Lab is designed so that children can learn how to foster their own curiosity and creativity. We'll provide accessible materials (revolving the types of materials available each session) without highly structured steps or directions so that children are free to experiment with new processes and tap into their own innate creativity. Examples of materials include washable paint, pipettes, unconventional brushes and other painting tools, Play-Doh, plastic carving tools, dot dabbers, foam, etc.

Given the open-ended nature of the format, children 12 and younger must be accompanied and supervised by their grown-up during Open Tinker Lab.

Check our calendar for upcoming program dates!

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