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Beginner's Mahjong Lessons

Discover the joy of American Mahjong with our streamlined learning approach. We understand that mastering this captivating game can be both challenging and time-intensive. That's why we prioritize your time efficiency, aiming to have you playing in no time. Our dedicated instructors specialize in small group sessions, ensuring personalized attention and effective learning. Join us and embark on your Mahjong journey with confidence! These lessons are entirely free of charge, and there's no need to make any purchases. Just come as you are and immerse yourself in the world of Mahjong without any financial commitment. Join us for a fulfilling learning experience at no cost!

To maximize your Mahjong experience, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Plan a Visit to the Library: Explore our Mahjong kit, which includes game tiles, instructional materials, and playing cards. Take advantage of these resources to familiarize yourself with the game.

  2. Attend the Introductory 2-Hour Lesson: Join us for an engaging session where we'll cover the basics of Mahjong, including tile review, utilizing the red 2024 Mahjong card, practicing hand selection, and playing a game.

  3. Attend the Intermediate 2-Hour Lesson: Elevate your Mahjong skills by participating in our intermediate lesson. Delve into advanced strategies, discover valuable resources to enhance your gameplay, and learn about local venues where you can enjoy American Mahjong.


By following these steps, you'll be well-equipped to embark on your Mahjong journey with confidence and proficiency. We look forward to seeing you at our lessons!


Plan Your Experience:

Independent Study at the Library

Explore the Mahjong experience at our Library with our comprehensive in-house kit, featuring game tiles, racks, instructional flipbooks, and official American Mahjong playing cards. Plan your visit and dive into hands-on learning with our resources. With enough flipbooks and playing cards to accommodate four students, studying in a group setting is highly recommended for an enriched learning experience. Join us at the Library and discover the timeless allure of Mahjong together!

Introductory 2-hour Lesson
Join us for our introductory 2-hour lesson, where we'll dive into the basics of Mahjong. We'll start with a quick review of the tiles, followed by an in-depth exploration of how to utilize the red 2024 Mahjong card. You'll have the opportunity to practice selecting hands from the card before we put your skills to the test in a friendly game.


Intermediate 2-hour Lesson

​For those looking to advance their Mahjong expertise, our intermediate 2-hour lesson is perfect for you. We'll discuss fundamental Mahjong strategies and provide you with a curated list of resources to enhance your gameplay. Additionally, we'll share insights into local venues where you can further enjoy American Mahjong. Throughout the session, our instructors will be on hand to guide you as you play several engaging games. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your Mahjong skills!

Additional Information:

Please note that our lessons are conducted by appointment only and take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. We look forward to guiding you through an enriching learning experience!  To reserve your spot for our lessons, please fill out the following information:

Have You Completed Independent Study?
Preferred Lesson Days

Our dedicated team will be in contact with you soon!

If you're already an experienced Mahjong player, we invite you to join our weekly Mahjong Meet-Up program. Enjoy lively gameplay and camaraderie with fellow enthusiasts in a relaxed setting. Brush up on your skills, share strategies, and immerse yourself in the vibrant Mahjong community. Join us for an evening of fun and friendly competition!

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