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Library Card

Get a Coal Valley Library Card

Library card applications are free for patrons residing within our library district borders and can be completed in person during normal business hours.  A valid library card is required to borrow materials at the Robert R. Jones Public Library.
Persons wishing to obtain a library card will be expected to verify identity and residency.  Photo ID and proof of your current library district residency is required to obtain a library card.

Valid forms of photo identification include:
- Driver's license
- Government Issued ID card
- School ID cards (with photo)
- Passport
- Military ID card

The following may be used to verify current address:
- Utility bills
- Current Tax Bill
- Rent receipts or contracts
- Checkbook
- Voter Registration Card

Cards are also available for educators teaching in the Village of Coal Valley service areas.

If you ever lose your card, make sure you let us know immediately.  To contact us, call the library's reception desk at 309-799-3047.

  • How do I obtain a library card?
    To obtain a library card, simply visit any of our library with a valid form of identification and proof of address. Our staff will guide you through the registration process.
  • Is there an age requirement for obtaining a library card?
    The Coal Valley Public Library offers library cards to individuals five (5) years old and older.
  • Are there any fees associated with obtaining a library card?
    No, library cards are free to patrons residing within our district boundaries. If an issued card is lost, it can be replaced at a cost of $1.00 dollar.
  • Do I need to be a resident of the area to get a library card?
    Yes, library cards are typically available to residents of the area served by our library district.
  • What forms of identification are accepted?
    We accept a wide range of identification documents, including government-issued photo IDs such as driver's licenses, passports, and state ID cards.
  • How long is a library card valid for?
    Library cards are valid for a period of three years from the day they are issued. Renewal procedures are as simple as stopping in at the library's Service Desk to verify your district residency.
  • What should I do if I lose my library card?
    If you lose your library card, please contact your our Service Desk immediately to report it. A replacement card can usually be issued for a $1.00 dollar fee. Until then, your account may be temporarily suspended to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Can I check out materials with my "Moline, Colona, Western or...etc." card?
    Yes, most local Illinois libraries are in the same library consortium, PrairieCat. Coal Valley Public Library cardholders are also able to use their card at participating PrairieCat member libraries. Your Moline, Rock Island, East Moline, Silvis, Port Byron, Colona, Western District, Geneseo, or Sherrard cards are valid at our library.
  • Can I use my Coal Valley Library card at other libraries?
    Yes, most local Illinois libraries are in the same library consortium, PrairieCat. Being member libraries allows our patrons' cards to be accessible for checking out materials at other member libraries.
  • Can checked out items be renewed?
    Materials may be renewed up to three times, unless the following exceptions occur: The material is on reserve/hold for another patron or library. The material has already reached its maximum number of renewals. The material is not allowed to be renewed.
  • How do I renew items?
    Cardholders can renew their items by: Logging in to their account in PrairieCat (library card number and PIN are required) Renewing in the PrairieCat App Calling 1-888-542-7259 (available 24/7, library card number and item barcodes required) Calling 1-309-799-3047 (available during library hours, library card number required) Visiting our Service Desk
  • Do I have to return checked out materials from the library I borrowed them from?
    No. The Coal Valley Public Library accepts returned materials from all PrairieCat libraries and any out-of-system Illinois library. If you return an item that belongs to another PrairieCat member library, we will check the item in, and send it back to the owning library as part of your library card membership free of charge. Materials may be returned in the Service Desk return (during open hours), the walk up book return (East side of the building near parking lot), or at other PrairieCat member libraries. An item is not considered returned until all of its parts are returned (CDs, liner notes, booklets, instructions, etc.). The item will remain checked out to the patron and fines will accumulate on partially returned items (if overdue) until the return of missing part(s). Borrowers are responsible for the replacement costs for lost or damaged items. Replacement costs include the price of the item (at the time of library acquisition). If damaged material is returned in the book drop, a damage fee will be accessed and added to member's card. At the discretion of the purchasing staff member, the library accepts replacement copies for lost or damaged items. Borrower must still pay processing fees is required. The replacement copy must be an exact match of the original (i.e., author, titles, year, ISBN, format, etc.) and in new or like new condition. The library reserves the right to refuse any replacement copy. The library does not issue refunds for lost and paid items that are later found or replacement copies.
  • Do items kept past their due date accrue fines?
    No. The Coal Valley Public Library has been a fine free institution since 2002. We would rather overdue items be returned, then to have to replace them. Late fines are not assessed on most materials checked out at the Coal Valley Public Library, with the following exceptions: Zoo and museum attraction passes - $5 per day
  • Why is your library fine free?
    Welcome to our library, where we believe in fostering a culture of accessibility, inclusivity, and community engagement. One of the ways we have demonstrated this commitment is by being a fine-free institute for over twenty years. We understand that life can sometimes get hectic, and returning library materials on time might not always be feasible. We recognize that financial barriers should never stand in the way of individuals accessing the resources and knowledge they need to thrive. By eliminating fines, we aim to remove any potential deterrents that might prevent individuals from utilizing our library to its fullest extent. Our fine-free policy encourages patrons to feel comfortable utilizing library materials and services without fear of accruing penalties. This approach has fostered decades of a welcoming and supportive environment where everyone, regardless of their socio-economic status, can freely explore and engage with our diverse collection of books, digital resources, and community programs. Furthermore, by removing fines, we can shift our focus towards more positive interactions with our patrons. Instead of penalizing individuals for overdue items, we prioritize education and support, offering assistance and resources to help patrons manage their borrowing habits effectively. Ultimately, our fine-free policy reflects our dedication to serving the needs of our community and ensuring that the library remains a place where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to pursue their intellectual and personal growth journeys. We believe that by removing financial barriers, we can create a more equitable and inclusive space where knowledge is freely accessible to all.
  • Why did my library card become blocked?
    Patron accounts are blocked once items on their card are overdue by 21 days or reported to collections. Privileges are reinstated once billed items have been returned in good condition and any collection fees have been paid.
  • Do I need a library card to attend a program or event?
    No, library cards are not required when registering for programs or events.
  • Do I need a library card to use a computer?
    No, you do not need a library card to use our public computers.
  • Can I transfer my library card to someone else?
    Library cards are non-transferable and are intended for individual use only. Each member of a household five (5) years and older can have their own library card to access library services.
  • Can I access digital resources with my library card?
    Yes, your library card grants you access to a wide range of digital resources, including e-books, and audiobooks. Simply log in with your library card number and PIN to explore our digital collection. Your username is your full barcode number and your pin number is set as the last four digits of your library card by default.
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