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The Seed Library

The Seed Library is where we share free seeds and gardening tips with all gardeners, new and experienced.  The Robert R. Jones Public Library Seed Library contains a selection of vegetable, herb, and flower seeds.  Our selection changes throughout the year based on donations.

  • Where is the Seed Library?
    You will find the Seed Library located in a repurposed card catalog near the Robert R. Jones Public Library's reception desk.
  • Do I need a library card?
    No, the Seed Library is free and open to anyone with or without a library card.
  • Does it cost anything?
    No, the Seed Library is free to use.
  • How do I borrow seeds?
    Each day you can select and "check out" up to five seed packets. There is a sign out sheet at the Seed Library station.
  • How many seed packets can I take?
    Each patron can take up to five seed packets each day.
  • Am I required to return seeds and/or participate in seed saving?
  • How do I donate seeds to the library?
    Staff can accept seed donations. Please write down as much information as possible about your seeds to give to staff with your donation.
  • The seeds I picked up did not sprout. Why is this?
    Our seeds come from many sources. We hope all seeds donated to the library are viable, but we cannot guarantee that they are. If you kept the packet, bring it in and let staff know to run a sprout test.
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