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Renew Items

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In person: 
  • Bring the item(s) to the library.  You must have your library card with you. 


By phone: 
  • Call 1-888-542-7259 to reach the PrairieCat renewal line.

  • You'll need your library card and the item(s) for renewal when you call.

  • Items must be renewed before they are due.  You cannot renew item(s) if there is a hold waiting.


Via the online catalog: 
  • Use My Account to log into your patron account.

  • Log in with your library card bar code and password.

  • Select "My Record," and then "Items Out".

  • Check the boxes next to the items you want to renew.

  • Choose either "Renew Selected Items" or "Renew All Items".

  • Watch carefully for messages on non-renewable items.

Items must be renewed before they are due.  Items with active hold cannot be renewed.

More Information
  • For more information or to visit our frequently asked circulations, click here.

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