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Beginning June 15th, 2020

Children and teens of all ages download our reading log and our weekly challenge log to start completely challenges to earn badges!  Pre-readers can download our pre-readers log.

​What's New in 2020?
The Robert R. Jones Public Library wants everyone to do their part to keep their community healthy and safe.  This year, our reading program will promote reading while encouraging creative exploration, active skill-building, while limiting the amount of contact necessary with others.

Participants will work towards completing their reading log throughout the summer, while each week we will release a new challenge log for participants to earn one of a kind badges!  Parents, you can submit completed logs anyway that is easiest for you, i.e. e-mail us, send us a photo via Facebook Messenger, or drop completed logs off in our book return.  We will keep track of all badges earned by each participant digitally throughout the summer and will post updates on our Facebook page.  You can check on your progress by logging into the your account on the Library's Summer Reading Program page.  At the end of the program, each participant will receive their lanyard with all badges they earned.

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Earn Badges throughout the Summer!
The badge system is an educational approach to motivate children to learn with the goal of maximizing enjoyment and engagement through capturing the interest of learners and inspiring them to continue learning.  

How Does my Learner Earn a Badge?
Every week a new challenge log will be released.  Participants are encouraged to work independently to complete all challenge requirements.  When a challenge is completed, they will receive a badge rewarding them for their experience

commemorating what they learned.


When Does my Learner Receive their Badges?

Library staff will track each participant's progress throughout the summer.  Logs can be submitted anyway that is most convenient for you, i.e. e-mail, mail, or via our bookdrop.  We'll track each child's progress and badges earned each week.  We will post weekly updates of participants' progress on the Library's Facebook page.

Why Offer Badges?
Young learners will feel good when they receive a badge.  That feeling comes from a sense of achievement.  In addition, this sense of achievement will motivate them further to work towards getting more badges and rewards.  The badges are designed to give young learners public recognition.  Learners will be able to collect and showcase their badges throughout the summer, earning public recognition and acknowledgement for their achievements helping engagement and motivation levels.  Plus, earning badges personalizes the learning experience, making programs more relevant to individual learners while elevating their engagement.

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